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Step Up to Platform Training

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Michele Pouliot

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Step Up to Platform Training

with Michele Pouliot

DVD 1 hr 40 mins

produced by Michele Pouliot

Step UP to a training tool that your dog will really enjoy and one that makes training behaviors easier and faster.

Multiple International Freestyle Champion, Michele Pouliot, guides you through using Platforms as a powerful tool in dog training for a variety of canine sport competitions or simply for good manners.

Michele Pouliot has been a professional guide dog trainer since 1974 while maintaining successful hobbies in a variety of competitive dog sports and equine sports. Since 2000, Michele immersed herself into Clicker Training Techniques, adopting them to her hobby training and crossing guide dog programs over to this powerful Positive Reinforcement method of teaching any species.

Along her training journey, Michele discovered how effective raised platforms can be in training many behaviors. She continues to explore and expand the use of platforms in most areas of her training and is sought after for instruction in their use.

Michele is pleased to share her effective use of this fun yet powerful training tool.

DVD Content:

  • Introduction to Platform Work
  • Platform Training for litters and young puppies
  • Training a Default Platform Behavior
  • Training Precise Positions to the Handler
  • Adding Cues to Positions
  • Cue Discrimination for Positions
  • Removing the Platforms
  • Variety of Applications for Training Platforms

Additional Information

Type DVD universal format
Run Time 1 hr 40 mins
Presenter Michele Pouliot
Publisher No
Copyright © Michele Pouliot
Author No
About The Presenter (BIO)

Over her 40+ years of dog training, Michele has presented scores of seminars across North America and abroad. She has been responsible for bringing science based Clicker Training to guide dog training and promoting the expansion of Clicker Training internationally within the guide dog field.

In her “hobby world”, Michele has actively competed in both horse and dog sports since 1970. In competitive obedience, she has completed 3 OTCHs on Labradors and retired her first English Springer spaniel only 7 points shy of his OTCH. For clients, Michele has attained numerous obedience and agility titles on Great Danes and English Springer Spaniels. With clients’ dogs, she qualified a Great Dane for the National Gaines Obedience Championships and won the National High Scoring English Springer award.

Since 2006, Michele has been involved in the sport of canine musical freestyle with English Springer spaniel, “Cabo”, Australian Shepherd, “Listo” and Springer spaniel “Deja Vu”. She thoroughly enjoys this artistic sport that combines the precision of obedience with trick behaviors and challenges her creative side through music and choreography. In her 5 years in the sport, Michele has won 4 international competitions and attained 5 Championship Titles. In 2008 she received the first scores of double 10’s (perfect scores) for Technical and Artistic in one routine in WCFO’s Championship division. She repeated this accomplishment at the 2009 International competition where all 3 judges awarded double 10’s to her freestyle routine. To date Michele and “Listo” have earned ‘double 10’ scores a total of 10 times. Michele thoroughly enjoys the ongoing challenges in the sport of canine freestyle and the use of Clicker Training to achieve innovative and entertaining routines.

In 2007, Karen Pryor invited Michele to join her renowned faculty for Clicker Expo Conferences. At Clicker Expo, Michele presents on the application of clicker techniques for a variety of dog sports, general training, and for the training of guide dogs for the blind. Karen Pryor and Michele collaborated on the development of Michele’s online freestyle course which is available through Karen Pryor Academy.

Michele’s passion for teaching and her love of dogs is distinctive in her presentations, one of the many reasons she was honored as 2011 Trainer of the Year by the World Canine Freestyle Organization. She is sought after for her seminars and workshops due to her clarity of instruction along with her entertaining style of presenting. Michele’s website:

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