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Fundamentals for Shelter and Rescue

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Sue Sternberg - filmed 2008 - this DVD qualifies for 13 trainer CCPDT CEUs

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Fundamentals for Shelter and Rescue

Presented by: Sue Sternberg

DVD- 8 disc set

This DVD set is comprised of five different topics blended into a comprehensive learning tool for shelters and rescue covering assessing, evaluating and testing dogs for adoptability. See list below for description of each topic:

A Bite-O-Meter-or How to Tell a Dog is Going to Bite You Before He Bites You- This workshop details all the subtle behaviors of aggression, helping people better read dogs and avoid a bite. Long before a dog growls, snarls or bites, he shows many, many behaviors warning of the aggression.

Making an Adoptable Dog- This program covers the importance of achieving and maintaining quality of life for dogs in shelters. Training, behavior modification programs, mental, behavior & emotional stimulation for shelter dogs is covered. Before deciding to hold a dog for adoption, a shelter must provide true quality of life for each dog. This workshop also describes when something must be done because a shelter dog is suffering. Animals for Adoption's Train-to-Adopt™ program is a commitment to Quality of Life for all dogs in shelters. Individuals and shelters can certify and learn to train shelter dogs to enhance adoptability and carry out behavioral exercises to keep shelter dogs calm, sane, and content. Animals for Adoption outlines minimum Train-to-Adopt™ requirements for dogs in shelters and trains staff and volunteers to implement simple, low, or no cost measures that can keep dogs adoptable and make the shelter a friendly and inviting place.

Assess-A-Pet- is an overview of the Assess-A-Pet temperament test. This workshop introduces all the mechanics and procedures of the Assess-A-Pet temperament test. Adopter expectations, better matchmaking, problem behaviors are also covered. Asses-a-Pet™ is Sue's nationally known temperament test which offers shelters a set of procedures and responses in which to understand the behavior and future success for each dog in a home. Asses-a-Pet™ identifies congenial, family pets in animal shelters so that animal shelters will become the best places anyone can find their new dog.

Adapting Assess-A-Pet for the Home- is a first time presentation geared to help rescue groups and private trainers adapt the Assess-A-Pet for in-home use.

Training Wheels- covers "what is the shelter's role in its community?" Should shelters serve solely as an adoption center? Training Wheels is a unique community outreach program that brings the shelter to the people, before the people need the shelter. This is an inspiring introduction to this program. Training Wheels® is a national mobile outreach program which takes shelter services to the people instead of waiting for the people to come to the shelter. Training Wheels® is changing the face of sheltering in this country. Training Wheels® brings shelter workers, dog trainers and volunteers into the community helping to keep people and pets in safe and rewarding relationships. 

Each topic is also sold on individual DVDs 

Additional Information

Type DVD universal format
Run Time 13 hrs
Presenter Sue Sternberg
Publisher Tawzer Dog LLC
Copyright © 2008, Tawzer Dog LLC
Author No
About The Presenter (BIO) Sue Sternberg is founder and owner of Rondout Valley Animals for Adoption, a small, open admission dog shelter which serves both the local (upstate New York) community as well as runs national programs. These national programs are dedicated to helping shelters ensure safe and lasting dog adoptions through behavioral and temperament assessments, quality of life for dogs in shelters, and to encourage innovative and proactive community outreach programs. Sue has over 30 years of dog behavior experience, including as a dog control officer, kennel technician and animal care technician at various shelters, dog trainer and behavior counselor, a dog training instructor and temperament evaluator at the ASPCA, a boarding kennel owner, veterinary assistant, is a successful competitor in a variety of dog sports, and a teacher of dog trainers. Sue was the subject of an HBO documentary called Shelter Dogs, which aired in January of 2004, which takes a hard look at quality of life issues in shelters. She is the author of Successful Dog Adoption (Howell Book House, many DVDs on dog behavior and aggression. Sue’s two newest books, Out and About with your Dog (training and evaluating dog-dog behaviors) and Serious Fun (a guide to teaching your dog to play, training tricks and more) are available through Sue has three dogs, one adopted from a shelter in Oklahoma, one transferred into RVAA from a shelter in southern Virginia, and one adopted off a working cattle ranch in Utah, and they are all ruled by one awesome cat, Sanjay Gupta. She is an accomplished fiddle player, an avid mineral and fossil collector, loves Earl Grey tea, and is a major Star Trek fan..

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