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Dogs Made Easy

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(Item # B1055) BOOK


Soft Cover

Publisher: Fly n' Dog Studio

66 pages

ISBN: 0-9786557-0-2

Copyright © 2006, Kathie Compton


Kathie Compton is a professional dog trainer and behavior consultant. In addition to Dogs Made Easy, she has written educational articles for newspapers, websites, and internet forum This book covers training, behavior, body language, rewarding, scheduling training time, housetraining puppy, crate training, collars and leashes, walking on leash, recall, commands and concepts in real life, simple solutions to common problems and seeking a professional trainer.


"Kathie covers the basics in this cut-to-the-chase book, perfect for owners who want to understand the essentials and get into right relationships with their dogs without too much fuss." - Lynn Hoover, MSW, CDBC President and Founder, IAABC. Journal Review Board for "Animal Behavior Consulting: Theory and Practice." Behavior consultant and author of "The Family in Dog Behavior Consulting"

'This easy-to-read manual tackles complicated doggie topics and is packed with practical and current information. This book will enhance the relationship between people and their dogs. It is a great resource for all dog enthusiasts.'ť Jennifer Shryock, B.A. CDBC, owner of Family Paws and author of 'Dogs and Storks'ť. US director of Dog Gone Safe.

Additional Information

Type Book - soft cover
Run Time No
ISBN # 0-9786557-0-2
Presenter No
Publisher Fly n’ Dog Studio
Copyright © 2006 Kathie Compton
Author Kathie Compton
About The Presenter (BIO) No

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