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Breeder\'s Guide To Raising Superstar Dogs

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(Item # B1066) BOOK


Soft Cover

Publisher: Diamond H~ Publishing

160 pages

ISBN: 0-615-19709-8

Copyright © 2008, Jerry Hope

What others are saying about "Raising Superstar Dogs"

When I read books that I really love, I always make notes in the margins and use a highlighter so I can easily refer back to comments I especially liked. I wasn't a page into this book when I found myself scrambling for a highlighter! This book, contrary to the title, belongs on the shelves of all dog trainers, rescue personnel, shelter workers, certainly. But even more it belongs in the hands of breeders, and the general public!

This book very succinctly lays out, in easy to read and understand terms, the sensitive periods of dog development. Better yet, the author explains why they are sensitive periods and exactly what the breeder should be doing during each one. This book also makes some painfully honest statements about what the breeder's responsibility should be and, unfortunately, so often people who breed dogs do not take this responsibility seriously. 

My instructors and I, as well as other dog trainers all over the country that I talk to, are seeing an alarming increase in aggression in our puppy classes.One of these reasons is certainly that genetically, people are not doing proper research and making proper choices in regards to temperament of breeding stock. Looks are not enough! Being from "show stock" or "AKC registered" is no guarantee. Another reason is that the general public has no idea of the developmental periods in dogs; therefore they make error after error, not just in raising the puppy, but in their choice of a breeder.

People who are breeding dogs who are not properly educating the puppies or who allow puppies to leave their mother at too young an age do everyone a disservice.The problem is people still get puppies from these sources because they do not know any better. This book is an excellent source for puppy-buyers to educate themselves about what a good breeder should be providing.

The author goes over the details of what breeders can do to make a lasting impact on the life of the puppy that they helped to bring into the world.The intimate understanding that this author has of the power of imprinting and other early puppy training is passed along to the rest of us in a way that everyone can easily utilize. No matter how you are involved "in dogs" this book will help to increase your understanding and enjoyment in the relationship that you create with your dog. 



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Type Book - soft cover
Run Time No
ISBN # 0-615-19709-8
Presenter No
Publisher Diamond H Publishing
Copyright © 2008 Jerry Hope
Author Jerry Hope
About The Presenter (BIO) No

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